Drowning friendship

I made myself a promise to write something everyday, but I was left baffled, I’m blank. Then I was looking out my window, and saw a friend of mine walking her daughter to school, also saw her yesterday walking her home. I was thinking to myself I haven’t seen her in almost  six months, we’ve had the occasional “how are you” text, but that’s it. I, also thought, please don’t come to my door, I don’t have the energy for her. She is one of those that always has a problem with her husband being borderline abusive, and I was always there to listen. On one occasion, they had a terrible fight that left a hole in the wall and bruises on her arm from him grabbing her. She called me and I was there, picked her up, changed the sheets on my son’s bed,  took care her daughter, went to the store to make her a drink and, stay with her for hours listening. It was a Friday night when she called me, and I was at the store with my daughter planning a movie night, we were looking forward to laying on the couch, eating ice cream and watching whatever movie we decided on. I was standing in the freezer isle of the grocery store, listening to her cry hysterically on the phone, I had to help… Right? Our plans for the night were foiled. Good thing my daughter is a trooper, and did not hold it against me. My whole family waited on her hand and foot, my son gave up his room, my daughter took care of her daughter and,my husband feed them. After all that she left in the middle of the night, leaving her daughter, without even a word. We have talk a few times since then, but our friendship was never the same. I had to take a step back, I had to look at what she bringing to the table in this friendship. Thinking back,nothing! She had no other conversation, but herself and her warp view on Christianity. I would invite her to family parties and other get-togethers at my house, and she would dominated conversations, making sure everyone knew about her rough childhood.At the time our friendship was first forming she was going through hard times and not looking like her usual put-together self. After finding out that she couldn’t even afford to buy hair conditioner at the time, I went into my room and pulled all my samples of hair products, makeup, lotions and, perfumes and gave the to her. It wasn’t easy, I love my freebies! There are so many instance I can come up with, but I’m starting to rant. I have never wanted anything in return, I’m just exhausted by this friendship. Toward the end I wasn’t so nice in my advice, I would harp on her about getting a job, whenever she would start talking about problems with her husband I would shut her down by telling her to leave him. We slowing cut each other off, without even an argument, and I’m fine with it. I wish her the best in life, but I need to move on.

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